Our Story

Martine G. Bates

President and CEO

Why did we establish Soncoast Publishing?


I have always loved books. I was the child who read with a flashlight under the covers, who always had a pile of books to read! I can remember how thrilled I was when I was old enough to have my own library card! Over the years, I have continued to read, but have also written books and articles, reviewed books, worked with book development, proofreading, and formatting, as well as working as a dissertation advisor and editor for doctoral students since 2004.


I have been the book reviewer for The Alabama Baptist for about ten years. As the numbers of self-published books grew, I found myself thinking often that the author had a good idea, but if I could have gotten my hands on it before it was published, I could have helped to make it better—maybe even a commercially viable book. What a shame that the books were already published before I saw them. I know now what the Lord was nurturing in my heart, but at the time, it never occurred to me that I would one day be in a position to provide that help!


Unexpectedly, my business partner, Alice Evans, and I were presented with the opportunity to purchase Seacoast Publishing.  We had both written titles for Seacoast’s Alabama Roots Biography Series and loved the books, so we jumped at the chance to purchase it. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate a Christian division; in fact, I was (and still am) convinced that this was why I was given the opportunity to purchase Seacoast. Alice, a sweet, vibrant Christian, felt her gifts lay in another aspect of publishing, so we agreed that I would establish Soncoast for the Christian publishing, while Alice pursued storytelling and books for children. (If you are interested in stories and storytelling, she’s your resource!)


Teaming with Rob Jackson, my former pastor and collaborator on another book, we invited Max Croft, Abigail Jackson, and Ben Bates to join us. When you read their bios, you will understand why. I think we have assembled the perfect team to help authors change the world through the written word.

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